August 29, 2015

SEO Meta Tags - Suggestions & Techniques

Introduction of Meta Tags

Meta tags are one of the major On Page Search Engine Optimization technique. Here is the meta tags Title, Description, Keywords.

SEO Meta Tags
Meta Tags

Types of Meta Tags

Meta Title: Title is the most important on page parameter for SEO. Meta title is one of the Google's ranking factors. When the user search for something in the online, search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing, etc.) will pick up primarily meta title and provide you relevant information source, That's depend on search query or keyword. That's the reason the meta title is the most important SEO technique. Google will display the maximum length of meta title 512 pixels, write your title below 512 pixels for SEO friendly. Check the tool and test your meta title length or pixels


Techniques to Write Best SEO Titles

  1. Use your important target keywords in the meta title
  2. Avoid spelling mistakes
  3. Finish your title below 512 pixels
  4. Avoid repeated words & keywords in the title
  5. Use hyphens or pipe symbol to separate keywords
  6. The Title should be SEO friendly as well as informative.

Meta Description

Description means a summary of your page. Google will display your meta description in the search results, that is depending on user's search words. Sometimes search engines collect description from the page content. The Description should be under 157 characters, there is no limit to write meta description and it is not SEO ranking factor, it's completely belongs to user friendly.


Tips for writing Meta Description

  1. Use your important keywords in the Meta description
  2. Check spellings and grammatical corrections
  3. Write informative description specially for the users.
  4. Try to finish your description between 149 to 157 characters.
  5. Do not repeat your meta title in the meta description

Meta Keywords: Google’ does not consider Meta keywords, and it is not ranking factor, Google treats it is spam.

Keyword Suggestions
  1. Use your keywords in the Meta title and Meta description
  2. If you want to add Meta keywords, you can add only your brand name
  3. Do not use your keywords in Meta keywords column

Meta tags are the best technique to get rankings and traffic. Write smart titles for both SEO & User friendly. Target your keywords in the meta title and meta description and increase your click through rate (CTR), it's also one of the Google's ranking factors. All the best!

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